About RiiG Limited

RiiG Limited is a claims consultancy.

We believe that an insurance company stands and falls by the quality of its claims service. Our aim is to bring claims to the forefront of the insurance sector: to make claims service the real differentiators for all of our customers.

By having the best people with the right skill sets, we can protect and enhance our clients’ brands whether we are handling claims; processing policy administration queries; auditing suppliers; undertaking field investigations, or dealing with complaints for regulatory bodies.

Our operation consists of the following divisions:

iteam iteam comprises teams of highly skilled claims and general insurance technicians, who can be implanted into client operations. These teams are managed by RiiG Limited, but work within the client’s operational management. The teams operate seamlessly, utilising client systems and philosophies. This approach reduces potential rework and is a very visible solution within client operations.
verify   Verify offers innovative solutions ranging from additional field investigation resources in response to spikes in demand, to anti-fraud assistance designed to complement client handlers’ desktop enquiries. Verify is trusted by leading insurers as it is proven to produce cost savings without compromising the customer experience.
consult Consult
provides practical and comprehensive consultancy services. Whether provided as a stand-alone service or combined with other aspects of our service, Consult makes a significant difference to clients’ operations by focusing predominantly in two areas: Audit and Review, and, Training and Mentoring.
is our recruitment service. We understand our clients’ requirements for skilled and experienced professionals. Through our own resourcing needs, we discovered that traditional recruitment agencies were not providing the quality of people needed to fill the roles of today’s marketplace. We formed APT in 2011 to address this gap in the market.

To learn more, visit www.riig.co.uk