About Us

The Claims Academy was set up by RiiG Limited, a claims consultancy. The management team at RiiG Limited recognised the need for a structured training programme for the next generation of claims consultants.

The insurance industry has been notoriously short-sighted in developing and training staff. In 2007, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) began to survey the extent of the skills shortage facing the industry. The 2014 survey showed that 60 percent of firms surveyed had a claims skill shortage.

This lack of talent impacts the industry’s ability to compete. London is the global centre for insurance. Every country in the world looks to the City of London as a centre of knowledge and experience. Developing and training staff to a high standard is crucial to maintaining this competitive position.

It is vital we develop the next generation of insurance professionals to meet the needs of the industry.

Many insurance companies are recognising this need. The CII’s survey showed that 70 percent of companies were moving to a more professional business culture. Companies are demanding that staff complete professional qualifications.

Our vision is for the Claims Academy to become the industry leading training provider for claims professionals. One day all insurance companies will demand their staff are trained to a Claims Academy standard.