Insurance At A Glance

People usually assume insurance is about call centres and men in grey suits. They think it is boring.

Thankfully, the truth is far more exciting.

Insurance touches every other industry in the world and every aspect of our daily lives. From protection for music gigs and festivals, to cover for your home, car and pets. Insurance is a broad and varied industry.

The most important aspect of the insurance industry is paying claims. When things go wrong, businesses and people rely on the insurance industry to pay their claims. This money helps them get their lives and businesses back on track.

Insurance at Glance

Before paying a claim, insurance companies need to be sure the claim is genuine. They employ specially trained staff to make this assessment. Claims consultants need to be: detectives, lawyers, project managers, counsellors and cyber experts. With a career in insurance, you can be who you want to be.

Can you imagine helping a family who have lost their home after a flood?

Are you inquisitive enough to work with fire investigators and work out how a factory fire started?

Could you spot a pattern of car crashes that shows a criminal gang making false claims?

Would you go to a city hit by an earthquake to help shopkeepers reopen, put families back in homes, or facilitate the rebuilding of factories and businesses?

One day, will you be in the team that approves a multimillion-pound claim by an airline?

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There has never been a better time to join the insurance industry.

Historically, the industry has under invested in its people. As a result, it is now sitting on a demographic time bomb as the industry’s claims experts head towards retirement. There is a genuine need for new blood in the industry.

The Claims Academy offers students an opportunity to gain professional qualifications and become part of the next generation of claims experts.

The global insurance industry offers a genuine career path, with a potential for international travel and a promise of variety.