Last year, the UK insurance industry paid out over £32 billion in claims. Before a single penny was paid out, a claims handler reviewed the claim to make sure it was genuine. Claims professionals are a crucial part of the insurance industry.

A claims handler will:

  • confirm that a valid insurance policy is in place
  • investigate the circumstances around the claim to work out what happened and who was responsible
  • assess the damage
  • work out how much money should be paid out and to whom

During this process, the handler has to look out for fraudulent or overinflated claims. They have to manage a lot of information and co-ordinate with a number of different people. They have to be inquisitive and organised.

When there is a major catastrophe, claims consultants and handlers often work under immense pressure. Governments and the media push insurance companies to settle claims quickly. No one wants to see people suffering because the insurers were slow to pay claims. In this high-pressured environment, claims handlers have to remain professional and maintain high standards of service.

Every day claims consultants take decisions that affect businesses and people. Is that a responsibility you could handle?